Now, a 'dust eater' in Cubbon Park

Now, a 'dust eater' in Cubbon Park

The device comprises three big blocks with air filters, called Filter Cubes, and have been installed by Mann+Hummel, a German multinational filtration expert, in coordination with the Horticulture Department. The device is located near the entrance to the Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association.

The Filter Cubes were installed in November on a pilot basis and has generated curiosity among officials from the pollution control boards of Karnataka and other states.

Recently, West Bengal Pollution Control Board Chairman Dr Kalyan Rudra visited the site to take notes. They have sought for analysis reports and verification of data.

While explaining about the device, Harsha Prakash Gowda, expert Fine Dust Eater, Mann+Hummel, said the device is attached to sensors. Once the level of particulate matter in the atmosphere crosses 100 micrograms per metre cube (prescribed highest value by CPCB), the machines will switch on and start to suck in ambient air, purify the PM 10 and 2.5 by 60-70% and release it back into the atmosphere.

Each block has pre-filters, main filters and fans to suck the air and release it. The complete instrument is equipped to clean 10,000-metre cube of air per hour. It runs on electricity and the sensors are active between 8 am and 8 pm. They are synced with the opening and closing of the Cubbon Park gates.

Varadharajan B, Lead Engineer, Simulation, Mann+Hummel, said the instrument also analyses data which has been sent for analysis to ascertain the efficiency and air quality. The report will be released only after it is verified.

Varadharajan said average air pollution even at Cubbon Park is of PM 10 and 2.5 is around 130- 150 micrograms per metre cube on any given day.

A N Yellappa Reddy, expert committee member, Horticulture Department, said that it was a common notion that air quality is good in Cubbon Park. But the fact is that it is least studied and it has a high level of particulate matter trapped in it. This is the reason behind the department agreeing for a detailed study.

Manoj Kumar, KSPCB member secretary, said, the instrument is good, but test results have to be checked.

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