Pre-monsoon showers bring back mosquito menace in city

Pre-monsoon showers bring back mosquito menace in city

While the pre-monsoon showers brought much-needed respite from the sweltering summer heat, Bengalureans are far from feeling comfortable, thanks to the growing mosquito menace.

What more, the civic officials are oblivious to the issue as they
continue to attend to the election duties.

The growing problem has prompted citizens to vent their ire on the social media and mock lethargic attitude of the BBMP officials.

Recently, Whitefield Rising posted on Twitter: “We have been straight up just killing mosquitoes tonight. What is with this infestation across Whitefield?”

Deeleep Rout, a citizen Tweeted: Wondering why mosquito population has gone up so high in Bangalore Summer? Any thoughts?

However, the BBMP health officials were quick to blame the lakes and incandescent rainfall for the spike in the mosquito population but remained tight-lipped on the unattended garbage.

Dr Kalpana, deputy health officer of Mahadevpura said Varthur Lake was the main cause for the menace. While she stated that fogging and spraying was being carried out, however, citizens were not convinced.

Dr Manoranjan Hegde, South Zone, health officer held water stagnation in areas where building construction is taking place responsible for the menace.

“Constructions are rampant in Koramangala 5th Block. There is waterlogging which is an ideal mosquito-breeding place,” he said.
Open drains and garbage pile have aggravated the woes across the city.

The problem is not only bothering Bengalureans but also tourists.

Dr Lokesh M N, chief health officer said that the BBMP had already started anti-mosquito activities.

Larvae control activity has been taken to control the mosquitoes. Three people in each ward have been assigned to work on this, he said.