Ragini mixes water in urine sample to 'cheat' drug test

Ragini Dwivedi mixes water in urine sample to 'cheat' drug test

Actress Ragini Dwivedi. Credit: DH Photo

Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi tried to “hoodwink” CCB sleuths by mixing water in her urine sample that she was asked to give as part of a drug test. 

Ragini, the first mainstream actress to be arrested in the Sandalwood drugs scandal on September 4, allegedly mixed water with urine and handed it over to doctors at the KC General Hospital in Malleswaram on Thursday. Doctors were, however, able to recognise water in the sample, and called her bluff, said a CCB officer who’s part of the investigation. 

A urine drug test can detect if someone has used narcotics in the last few days. Adding water to the urine will reduce the urine temperature, which is roughly equal to the body temperature.  Ragini was later made to drink some more water and give another urine sample. The CCB made sure she didn’t mix water in it. 

The officer described Ragini’s alleged behaviour as “shameful and unfortunate” and said that the incident was mentioned to the magistrate seeking an extension in her police custody on Friday. The judge has given the police three more days to question her in custody. 

Drug delivered home

The CCB believes Ragini procured drugs not only from her close friend B K Ravi Shankar but also from a foreigner. It was an African named Simon who delivered MDMA pills to her Yelahanka home.

The CCB says it has seen Ragini’s WhatsApp messages to Simon.  She is said to have messaged him: ‘please send me one more gram’ (sic). A senior CCB officer said they were looking out for Simon. 

‘Tantrums’ during test 

According to the CCB, it wasn’t just Kannada actress Sanjjanaa Galrani who threw tantrums during the drug test. Ragini did it, too. She got into an argument with police officers and refused to take the test without consulting her lawyer.

CCB sources said she feared that she would be sent to jail if she took the test. She was exasperated that her life had already been “ruined”.  Ragini insisted that the police send the court order (on the drug test) to her lawyer. She agreed to take the test after speaking to her lawyer. Investigators are awaiting the test result.