Repair work still awaits Varthur bridge

Repair work still awaits Varthur bridge

A file photo of the Varthur bridge

The BBMP is yet to start repairing the Varthur bridge, which has been wobbling for the past three weeks.

According to the Palike officials, the delay is due to a lack of specialised tools and skilled labourers for the task. "It will start very soon as this kind of repair work needs a highly skilled labour force and specialised tools. We are trying to procure the resources," an official said.

After local residents and NGOs petitioned the civic body, a committee of engineers and experts had inspected the bridge and suggested a replacement of its bearings on May 23.

Following directions from senior Palike officials, the traffic police have restricted the movement of vehicles, weighing above 10 tonnes, on the bridge.

A member of Whitefield Rising, a citizens' group, said: "We hope the work will start as soon as possible. The bridge is still wobbling. We have requested the officials to take up the work immediately."