Road rage leads to kidnap and assault

Road rage leads to kidnap and assault

Honking on Hesaraghatta Road led to a chain of events, including kidnap of a car driver and theft of the vehicle on Wednesday.

Harish (22), Anand (32), Venkatesh (27) and Uday Kumar, all residents of Pipeline Road, Vijayanagar, were arrested for assaulting and kidnapping Sathish Reddy and stealing the car belonging to his friend Chandrashekar, both drivers.

The police said at around 11.45 pm on Wednesday, when Chandrashekar and Reddy were driving their car on the Hesaraghatta Main Road, Reddy honked and overtook a car moving in front of them.

Suddenly, the suspects rammed their car into Reddy’s vehicle and waylaid the car. The four accused then pulled out Reddy and thrashed him mercilessly. They bundled Reddy in their car and abandoned Chandrashekhar.

The police said the accused were drunk and drove Reddy around for nearly two hours and left Reddy near KC General Hospital in Malleswaram around 2 am on Thursday and fled with the car.

Chandrashekar filed a complaint with the police, who tracked the vehicle through GPS and arrested the suspects.