Strengthen BMTC to end traffic woes: Vinay Sreenivasa

Strengthen BMTC to end traffic woes: Vinay Sreenivasa

Vinay Sreenivasa, of Alternative Law Forum, speaks at the event. 

Citizen activist Vinay Sreenivasa, who also works with Alternative Law Forum, said BMTC's buses can provide the best solution for the city's traffic needs, but changes at policy level were needed to implement the same.

Noting that corporations providing bus services in metropolitan cities of other states get state funding, he said the government should not leave the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) to fend for itself on fare revenue.

"The BMTC's fare is the costliest when compared with fares of city buses in other cities across the country. An average monthly income or a daily wager earns between Rs 6,000 and Rs 9,000. After paying for rent and other needs, they have to spend Rs 1,000 on the bus pass," he said, adding that two-wheelers provide more affordable journey.

He said the pressure on the BMTC to make revenue was also affecting the passengers with the corporation cancelling some of the buses without any discussion with passengers.

"Conductors are given a target. So, schoolchildren with passes are removed from the buses since they don't buy tickets," he said.

The activist also stressed the need for increasing the number of buses and bringing down the prices. In 2013, the BMTC had 6,587 buses against 50 lakh private vehicles, whose number has crossed 75 lakh at present but the number of buses has only increased to 6,632, he said.

Stressing that buses promise the best utilisation of road space, he said if there was space for private vehicles, why not add more buses which offer shared rides.