Tech Summit showcases healthcare innovation

Tech Summit showcases healthcare innovation

One could easily get amazed by walking through the makeshift-alleys lined by booths showcasing products, ideas and concepts by the "tech geniuses" at the Bengaluru Tech Summit.

From virtual reality to innovations in air purification, industrial solutions, business models and so on, the list is as lengthy as the number of booths.

The combination of health and technology is not just about innovation but also of the ease in diagnosis.

MIMYK Healthcare simulation, which focuses on minimal invasive surgery, has come up with an advance prototype— an endoscopy simulator— to give an immersive experience to medical students and doctors.

The representatives at the booth said that this can be further extended to other surgical operations to help doctors in surgical planning and tracking.

The virtual-reality experience uses sophisticated haptics, a technology that gives feedback in form of vibration or force to give the user a sense of touch, to make the user feel as if one is working on a real patient.

When asked about the data source, the representative at the booth said that they have an collaboration with doctors, and their partners include Asian Institute of Gastroenterology and M S Ramaiah Hospital.

They said that they plan to launch the devise for at least clinical testing by early January next year.

While these guys focus on training doctors, another group "leaf box" has precaution on mind: their innovation caters to counter air pollution at home and targets VOCs— volatile organic compounds.

At a time when places like New Delhi are battling pollution crisis, "Leaf box" offers a homegrown solution.

They have identified around 20 indoor plants that act as natural air purifiers, to boost the plants' purification exercise, they have added growth light and efficient watering mechanism.

They have integrated IoT technology, so users can control the fan speed and other specifications.

The booth representatives say, this one plant is equivalent to 10 regular ones.

The product will be launched in January and the price has been fixed at Rs 15,000, they said and added that the electricity cost of running the device would come around Rs 200 per year and recurring cost, depending on usage, of annual filter replacement will be Rs 600. 

Another organisation, Sensivision health technologies, has come up with a portable cooling system which can be used in emergency cases where a newborn needs their body temperature to be regulated.

InfraEyes has invented a device for vein mapping both for adults and little ones and right next them is HealthCube and their invention is a one-in-all device, which can take on the go tests like heart-rate monitor and sugar level, coupled with a mobile App.

Then there is "Balanceeye" which gives details to your physician after a simple test all by getting data from the movement of your eyes.

Virtual reality and 3-D is still in vogue with Dassault systemes providing a virtual environment where one can experiment and analyse without having to go to the site.

At another place, people crowd the Karnataka state remote sensing application centre's booth to view in 3-D the maps. The elevations and depth information is visually available, the application lies in estimations to be done during a natural calamity like flood.

Another place a 3-D printer diligently works building a model and on other side there is demo of arduino based DIY kits for kids to learn about home automation.

There were a host of booths on DNA analysis and diagnostic solutions while one of them caters to find the trigger for cancer and another claims to identify pathogenic bacteria within 3 hours.

Another group has come up with a human derived model to avoid testing on animals.

All these innovations point that the health sector will see a dynamic change with the application of AI and Machine learning coupled with significant improvement in sensor hardware and identification of multiple data-source points.

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