KPL match fixing: CM Gautam, Abrar Kazi get bail

KPL match fixing: CM Gautam, Abrar Kazi get bail

Two top state-level cricketers — CM Gautam, Abrar Kazi — arrested in the KPL match-fixing scandal obtained regular bail from the Karnataka high court on Wednesday.

The owner of the Ballari Tuskers KPL team, Aravind Reddy, had also secured anticipatory bail.

A single-judge bench of Justice K N Phaneendra that heard the criminal petitions filed by the accused players imposed several conditions before granting them bail. The conditions included depositing a bond surety of Rs 2 lakh each.

The advocate for the petitioners argued that the police have arrested them without proper evidence and registered an FIR on the assumption of offence.

The court granted anticipatory bail to Reddy with conditions, including restrictions to travel abroad, for which Reddy must obtain permission from the jurisdictional court.

On November 7, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police arrested cricketers Gautam and Kazi for fixing KPL matches. They were specifically accused of receiving Rs 20 lakh each for slow batting to fix the outcome of the finals between the Ballari Tuskers and Hubli Tigers.