Now, Naveen Kumar agrees to take narco test

Now, Naveen Kumar agrees to take narco test

He is an accused in Gauri Lankesh murder case

Naveen Kumar

After refusing to undergo narcoanalysis test despite agreeing to it before a local court, K T Naveen Kumar, an accused in the Gauri murder case, on Wednesday agreed to the test.

Kumar (37) agreed to undergo the test after sessions court judge Ramalinge Gowda on Tuesday questioned Naveen’s advocate Veda Murthy on why Naveen had not agreed to a narco test when he had pleaded innocence. Murthy told the court on Tuesday his client had agreed to undergo the test provided there is total transparency.

Murthy argued the SIT took Naveen to Gujarat for the narco test but did not inform him. “As per court directions, the counsel for the client should accompany him. The SIT did not inform me and took him to the forensic lab in Ahmedabad. After reaching there, police had a language barrier and did not know what to do next. As the advocate was also not present, the team returned with Naveen saying he refused to undergo the test,” Murthy told DH.

Murthy alleged no documents related to the Rs 1.10 lakh paid to the Forensic Science Laboratory was furnished. “Naveen’s bail hearing is coming up on Thursday at a different court. Meantime, we will make our submissions to the court that he is ready to undergo the narco test, and we will move the competent court,” Murthy said.