VHP objects to crackers with gods' images

After pollution and noise here comes yet another direction against bursting of crackers. Just a day before the Deepavali celebration, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Monday urged people not to burst crackers which have images of gods and goddesses. In an appeal which will be a prelude its forthcoming legal battle against cracker manufacturing companies, the VHP urged people to not to burn the images of gods and goddesses.

Addressing media in Bengaluru, Shashikanth Sharma, VHP Spokesperson, in Bengaluru said that they have been planning a major legal battle against cracker manufacturing units over misuse of images of Hindu gods and goddesses. “We have been opposing misuse of our gods and goddesses photos everywhere. In the name of bursting crackers, crores of crackers with images of gods and goddesses are burnt all over hurting the religious sentiments of majority people,” Sharma explained. He also said that the festival is celebrated offering poojas to the same god like Lakshmi and subsequently the same god and goddesses are burnt in the name of crackers.

Asked if it's too late for the organisation to appeal to the people to shun the use of such crackers, Sharma said, “The festival will start from tomorrow and we are cautioning the people against such trend. Even if they have bought crackers it would just be for Rs 1,000 or Rs 2,000 and let people dump it as the belief in our god is something that cannot be matched with money.” The activists of VHP appealed that images of Lakshmi in Lakshmi Pataka and Vishnu in Sudarshan Chakra pataka are grossly misused.

Sharma also revealed that their units in across North India and elsewhere in the country have also been spreading awareness against the use of crackers with images of gods and goddesses. “We have been listing the names of cracker manufacturing companies that have been using images of gods and goddesses. We have already spoken to our legal advisors and in a few days after the Deepavali, we will file PIL before both the High Court and Supreme Court,” Sharma clarified.

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