Water crisis washes away washermen’s business in dhobi ghats

Water crisis washes away washermen’s business in dhobi ghats

Dhobi ghats in the city have been affected by the water crisis.

The summer has raged in and the water shortage has affected most parts of the city, more so the dhobi ghats in Hanumantha Nagar.

The people, requiring close to 10,000 litres of water, are left in the lurch as the water supply is stunted and is provided for four to five hours daily, and that they cannot stock it.

They are forced to depend on water tankers, as the quantum they get daily is not even enough to wash half the clothes that come to the ghats. They have to cough up from Rs 800 to 1,000 for a load, for which they pool in the money.

Ravi, who works at the ghat, said: “We met the local corporator and MLA but in vain. They say the problem will be solved soon but then it repeats.”

Kemparaju, another worker, said: “the water shortage has been evident since ages and no amount of pleading has made any changes. It has severely dented us financially as we cannot accept more clothes due to the water shortage”

The dhobi ghat receives close to 50,000 clothes every day, with 150 washermen going through this ordeal, more water is required.

The temporary solution has been the bore well, dug a few years ago. But they fear that it may eventually run out of the water, and are looking for replacements from the government.

They are booting to set up a recycling plant in all the dhobi ghats to recycle and reuse the water.

Raju, a washerman, said: “We receive blankets and bedsheets from hotels. The blankets have to be cleaned, rinsed and dried and water from four reservoirs are used for the purpose.”

“We use one reservoir to wash, the other one to rinse and depending upon the availability of water, the work progresses,” he added.

The workers say as chemicals and detergents were becoming costly every day and they had to micromanage their spending.