Water scarcity threatens pedestrian safety in Bellandur

Water scarcity threatens pedestrian safety in Bellandur

Acute water scarcity has dwarfed all other infrastructural woes in southeastern Bengaluru’s Bellandur ward, pedestrian safety for instance.

In Bellandur, well-laid footpaths and pedestrian safety remain a far-fetched dream for citizens as the authorities turn a blind eye. To top it, the civic bodies are now allowing private entities to dig up existing footpaths.

On Friday, a borewell was dug right in the middle of a footpath along the Kasavanahalli Road in Bellandur by a private individual. When questioned about the same, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) officials said the concerned individual has official permission for the same.

The residents now are concerned about pedestrian safety. “Pedestrian safety has never been a matter of concern to our civic bodies. There have never been proper footpaths in Kasavanahalli. I hope the borewell will be demolished and wound up, to avoid danger especially to children,” said Latha M, a resident.

“But, we have to address the water problem here. The entire ward is facing water scarcity. Everybody needs water here. The BWSSB and BBMP should take the problem seriously,” she added.

One of the apartments in Kasavanahalli had no water for almost 20 hours on Friday. “SJR Verity Apartment residents were inconvenienced and distressed. It affected so many office-goers and children who had to attend schools. Depending on the borewell is a joke now. All borewells have been depleted here. We are relying on water tankers.

There are many such apartments in Bellandur that are suffering from water shortage,” said an activist from Bellandur who didn’t wish to be quoted. 

According to the residents, as many as 200 apartments in Bellandur are devoid of BWSSB’s Cauvery water supply, while a few are already in the process of receiving the supply. They say they have recently written a letter to the BWSSB chairman and are awaiting action.