Yanni dedicates song to Mallika Sherawat

Greek musician Yanni

The 54-year-old musician said, "This song is for Mallika Sherawat. One of a kind" as the 7000 strong crowd cheered on during his concert 'Yanni Voices'. It is for the first time that the musician has dedicated any of his compositions to anyone.

According to reports, Yanni had invited Mallika to his concert in Los Angeles, to which she replied, "Only if you dedicate a song to me."

Yanni paid an ode to the actress last night as a video screen showed images of Yanni's legendary performance at Taj Mahal in March 1997.

The 35-year-old actress, who is here for the post-production of her film 'Hisss', could not stop gushing about the honour on her Twitter page.

"It was awesome! In front of 7000 screaming fans at the Nokia theatre, Yanni said his song "Changes" was for Mallika! I so wish my brother Vikram was there when it
happened. I miss him especially when these things happen and he's so far away," Mallika wrote.

She also described her first encounter with the musician on the microblogging website.
"...then he asked me, 'May I, Your Majesty?' and proceeded to kiss my hand," she added.

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