Duchess of Cornwall resorts to Shirodhara

Duchess of Cornwall resorts to Shirodhara

Wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles who arrived at the 30-acre integrated holistic centre on Tuesday for a rejuvenation package before she joins the Prince for the Commonwealth Games inaugural in New Delhi, wants to look "her best" at the gala function, officials at the centre told PTI.

Soaking in the time-tested Ayurvedic 'Shirodhaara' treatment (which involves pouring warm medicated oil from a mud pot on the forehead) which is known to be best panacea to relieve tensions, the 63-year-old Duchess is also being taught the 'Surya Namaskar', a salutation to the Sun god, that exercises each part of the body.

The 'satvic' food comprising homegrown organic vegetables and fruits that Camilla is treating her taste buds to, is a far cry from the typical English supper she is accustomed to.
"But then, partaking of 'satvic' food (basically bland food with no onion, garlic or spices as they titillate the human senses) is a pre-requisite for any ayurvedic or naturopathy treatment and we think she is enjoying the change," the officials said.

Just before sunset, one sees the Duchess sitting cross- legged on a 'chattai' (coir mat), with her eyes closed taking meditation lessons from a teacher.

Camilla was also treated to a programme specially customised to suit her health requirements. One-to-one consultations to assess her requirements and to chalk out a programme was also followed at the spa, the officials said.