45 cartoon shows in three years!

45 cartoon shows in three years!

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45 cartoon shows in three years!

 Looking on: Shashi Deshpande and Girish Karnad. It wasn’t child’s play to muscle through truckloads of texts and photographs and grab a place within the reader’s eyeshot. Yet, the cartoonist did it, but yearned for more.

   On August 16, 2007, that yearning culminated in India’s first ever full-fledged exclusive cartoon gallery. Taking up another corner on Bangalore’s hitherto showpiece M G Road, the Indian Cartoon Gallery was born. The Indian Institute of Cartoonists, now celebrating its 10th year of existence, finally found its place under the sun. For the oft-cornered cartoonist, the canvas had just got bigger, grander.
There was no looking back once the gallery was in the Institute’s command. In just three years, the place is already hosting its 45th show, a display of cartoons and caricatures by the Hyderabad-based Shyammohan. A founder of the Cartoonists Forum of AP Political Cartoonists, and editor of Indianink.org, Shyammohan has had shows across the world, including Germany, Bulgary, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Israel.

Just around the corner is another show. Kicking off on October 18 will be an exhibition of works by Prabhakar Wairkar, a Mumbaikar.

Catch his works at the Gallery in Midford House, Midford Gardens, off MG Road, from 10 am to 6 pm anytime from Monday till October 30. 

Over the years, the 2,000 sqft gallery has showcased works of cartoonist stalwarts of the likes of R K Laxman, Mario de Miranda, Shankar, David Low, BV Ramamurthy, Keshav, Ranga and Maya Kamath.

Also donning the walls are the cartoons of BG Gujjarappa, VG Narendra, Subhani, BV Panduranga Rao, Vikas Gupta, Ranjan Somaiah, Shyam Mohan, Janardhana Swamy, who is incidentally also an MP.

In its 10th year, the Indian Institute of Cartoonists is keen to work towards its objectives with renewed vigour. One key aim is to start a chain of cartoon galleries in Bangalore and other cities. Also on the agenda is a plan to build a House of Cartoons complete with an auditorium, exhibition hall, library and a picture hall.