Gay powers to windy 9.75

Although the mark was the seventh fastest of all time under any conditions, Gay said he was disappointed with his execution in the race assisted by a wind of 3.4 metres per second. "I ran a horrible race. Technically it was horrible. My focus was horrible," Gay told reporters.

But the fast time and a quick 200 metres last month should see Gay line up for a World Championship showdown against Jamaican Olympic champion and world record holder Usain Bolt in both sprints in Berlin in August.

With a bye to Berlin in both the 100 and 200 as the defending World champion, Gay had planned Thursday's opening round of the 100 metres as his only appearance at the trials.

He talked of running another round, but after consulting with coaches, decided against it.

The assisting wind led to a number of fast first-round times. Olympian Darvis Patton and upcoming Mike Rodgers both clocked wind-assisted 9.92 seconds.

The world record is Bolt's 9.69 seconds at the Beijing Olympics.  Gay believes he is capable of challenging Bolt's record if he can improve his start.

Only six times has the 100 metres been run faster than Gay's 9.75 seconds under any conditions. Two were by Bolt.

Gay was a one-hundredth of a second faster with a wind-assisted 9.68 at the 2008 US Olympic trials. His best without a beneficial breeze is his American record 9.77 seconds.

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