Whipping up fancy food

Whipping up fancy food

Whipping up fancy food

passionate Some people love cooking international cuisine.

But there are a few who take the pain of learning a new cuisine within the boundary of their homes.

And it may not always turn out so great the first time you try your hand at a French quiche or a pasta arrabiata but that does not stop these food lovers from trying till they succeed.

Metrolife talks to some foodies in the city to find their experiences in the kitchen while whipping up some fancy food.

The thing about cooking something new in your kitchen is how clueless you are at first.
“You are mostly relying completely on a recipe found online or in a cookery book,” says Rahul, a student.

“The first time I made something different from the regular dal chawal, was as something as simple as strawberries with chocolate sauce and a few roasted nuts,” says Anip, a professional.

“There wasn’t much to it but I went through dozens of recipies to figure out what I had to do,” he says. Others agree with this.

“A lot of time before cooking is spent on reading and re-reading the same recipe from different sources so that you can use your own judgement to make something close to what you imagine the food to be like,” says Raina, a sales professional.

While the tastes and textures of international cuisine make it different from our Indian food but the great thing about cooking at home is that you can add your own Indian twist to it.

 “A wee bit more chilly or a pinch of garam masala and voila, a masterpiece is in front of you,” says Rahul.

 “I remember the first time I prepared pasta, I actually boiled the Sunfeast pasta but made my own sauce separately,” says Chaitanya, a marketing professional.

“I usually make the sauce for the pasta a little more spicy unlike what is available outside which is too bland,” says Raina.

But rarely do the experiments succeed the first time unless you a gifted culinary genius. “Recently I made pancakes because I couldn’t get them out of my head since I tasted them in New York,” says Ashwin, an IT professional.

 “And once I read how simple the recipe was I couldn't believe I'd never tried making it before. Sadly, the stuff lying on my plate didn’t look anything like pancakes,” he says.
And as they say, ‘practice makes the man perfect’.

“When it comes to food, you need to keep cooking to get a hang of the recipe,” says Anip. “Maybe I’ll try my hand at Peking Roast Duck someday,” says Ashwin laughing.

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