A little too much!

A little too much!


A little too much!

Rajni ‘sir’ has done it again! The ‘Boss’ of Indian cinema is just getting bigger and better with time. Every time a film of Rajnikant releases, one thinks it can’t get bigger than this.
However, he breaks his own standards with every new release by driving the masses more and more crazy. With Endhiran (Robot in Hindi), Rajnikant has hit the bull’s eye once again.
Yes, there is no superstar like him indeed! But showering flowers at him and doing his abhishekam with milk and ghee?

A little too much say most youngsters in the City, even those who are huge fans of the superstar themselves!


“I am a big fan of Rajnikant. His screen presence is just fantastic. It’s not a wonder why people go berserk every time his film releases. He is such a good actor that even those who don’t know the language of the films he acts in, enjoy his films.”

“Hero worshipping him to an extent is alright because he deserves it. But I don’t approve too much of it. I do feel that no one can take his place. Only Salman Khan has a chance of getting such followers because of his cult films.”


“As a fan, I watch all of Rajnikant’s films and follow a lot of his interviews and speeches. Every speech of his is about humanism and he admits that he doesn’t like the fans doing abhishekam and spending money on all the grandeur. He says he will be more than happy if the same money is used for charity.

And I am of the same opinion. There is nothing wrong in showing love and adulation towards him  but the fans should draw a line. They should not disturb others or cause inconvenience. At least in Chennai, the theatres are huge and the roads are big. But the small roads of Bangalore get choked when such events happen.”

John Louis

“Rajnikant is known for his simplicity, style and humbleness. His mass popularity and appeal are largely because of his mannerisms and stylised delivery of dialogues in films. His political statements and philanthropy are simply a boon to mankind. As there is only one sun, one moon and one sky, there only one superstar and that is Rajnikant!”


“How can one not be a fan of Rajnikant? He appeals to all the audiences. Before, he used to be liked only by Tamilians but now, he appeals to all film-goers. Though the celebrations and worshipping may be slightly over the top, they are all for fun. Rajnikant plays larger-than-life characters that most of us aspire to be. And in most of his films, he turns out to be a good guy. So he humanises his character and this gives him a demigod status.”

“He has a cult status now which is beyond reproach. No one can question his achievements or position. And no one comes close to him, not even Amitabh Bachchan!”   


“I’ve never watched any of his movies because I don’t understand Tamil. So far, I’ve seen him only in one odd Hindi movie. However, I still like him. He’s quintessentially cool and so effortlessly enigmatic. While most actors fade away with time, he has just remained the same. But I do feel the grand celebrations are a bit over the top.”

As told to Deepa Natarajan