Britney Spears's 'Glee' show blasted by parents

Last Updated 11 October 2010, 02:49 IST

The hit TV musical which revolves around a high school club, earned it's highest ever TRP with the episode with the 'Toxic' singer herself making a brief cameo.

But the show has been blasted by pressure group the Parents Television Council (PTC) which has deemed the episode the "worst TV show of the week", reported Daily Mail online.

The hugely anticipated Britney episode starred the 28-year-old appearing as a fantasy girl for the McKinley High Glee club singers who hallucinated about her while under anesthesia at the dentist, played by John Stamos.

The organisation denounced the episode's "skimpy outfits" and "sultry grinds" and branded the episode "school -sanctioned burlesque."

The group also took the opportunity to criticise the selection of the singer, who has had a catalogue of well-documented troubles, because according to the group, Spears is not a suitable role model for teenagers.

"Glee earned its highest ratings ever with this Britney Spears tribute, drawing 13.3 million viewers. A scary thought considering that the mostly young teen/tween audience basically witnessed an endorsement of narcotics abuse and school-sanctioned burlesque.

But perhaps most troubling is the deification of a troubled pop star into a symbol of empowerment and self-esteem," said the organisation in a letter to FOX network, which airs the show.

"Considering her stints in rehab, her very public breakdowns, and her questionable parenting skills, there is absolutely no way Spears should be considered a role model.

The producers of the show can spare us the old song-and-dance about fallen celebs turning their lives around," it added.

(Published 11 October 2010, 02:49 IST)

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