Brighten up your walls

Brighten up your walls

With rapid changes in architectural designs, wall decor too has occupied pride of place when it comes to interior decoration. The best option is to paint the walls with good quality distempers which are available in different shades.

A recent trend has been to discard a single colour for the rooms and opt for more than one colour. If one colour is painted on one side of the wall in a room, the other walls are painted with matching colours to give a different look.

With the advent of wall tiles, more people are trying to make their plain walls swankier. Earlier, wall tiles were limited to only bathrooms or to some portions in the kitchen.  Now with the availability of wall tiles in hues of vibrant colours, sizes and styles, tiles have come to be used as decorative objects in a house. 

By selecting the right ones, you can not only brighten the living room but also people’s moods. These attractive tiles provide a modern look to one’s house. They are also easily affordable and easy to install.

To make the living room more bright and attractive, opt for neutral colours that add to the decor of the room. The bedroom is another place where the right use of colours is important. Soft colours like pink, green or blue may be best suited here. Some people prefer using tiles with soothing patterns and colours for the same.

Contemporary kitchens are another place in a house which allow for a lot of experimentation. Bold coloured tiles of different shapes or graphics with bright backgrounds are suitable here. Granite or marble counter tops with matching tiles on the walls will be a good experiment.

In the bathroom, it is important to make the space more appealing and comfortable. Here too, a combination of two or more coloured tiles would be suitable which makes the place look more spacious.

Apart from using tiles to decorate walls, there are many other options.  Use of interesting artifacts, murals or paintings are some options, reflective of the creativity of the person.  
Decorating walls with wall mounted water features is another option which lends a unique look to the room.

Fountain on slate is another design. With a mirror attached, this will give off a reflection of flowing water in the entire room.  Another in this variety is the black single stone unit. Stainless steel fountains are very much in demand with their sleekness, sophisticated appearance and serene look.

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