Curious visitors throng the court

Curious visitors throng the court

People thronged the court hall half an hour before the scheduled time of judgement - 2.30 pm. The rush of people overwhelmed policemen manning the entrance, with avid visitors forcing open both the doors and disturbing the proceedings.

Such was the din that the counsels arguing their cases could hardly hear each other, and Chief Justice J S Khehar was visibly upset.

Even before the Chief Justice could complete reading out the judgement, advocates assembled in the Hall began interpreting and debating the order among themselves. Many party workers ran out to call their friends and associates about the judgement.

Jostled around, mediapersons who managed to get in had a tough time taking down notes of the proceedings amid the din. Many were forced to stand outside the Hall.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the main gate of the court (facing Vidhana Soudha), blocking vehicle traffic. However, there was no slogan shouting anywhere as the judgement did not bring cheer to either party.