Jackson's children want to stay with granny

Jackson died on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles, leaving  behind three children - Michael Joseph Jnr, 12, Paris Michael Katherine, 11, and seven-year-old Prince "Blanket" Michael II who have expressed their desire to stay with Jacko's mother, Katherine, thesun.co.uk reports.

Jacko’s 80-year-old mother has been looking after the children in Los Angeles. And Jackson's family lawyer Brian Oxman said Katherine would probably care for them long-term.
“She loves them dearly,” he added.

But Debbie, mother of Michael Joseph and Paris, told a friend she wanted full custody of the youngsters just two days before Jackson's death. Jackson never revealed the identity of the mother of his third child Blanket.

“Debbie threw a fit, saying she was sick of the way Michael was bringing the children up. She said she was going to go for full custody of them. She said she was quite prepared to go all the way and fight him in court for it,” the friend revealed.

Sources close to the Jackson family say Katherine will “fight tooth and nail” to stop Debbie getting the youngsters.

They claim the former dental nurse signed away her parental rights in return for a house and a multi-million dollar lump sum.

The kids' nanny Grace Rwaramba could also end up caring for them.

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