Loss of interest in sex driving 50-plus to divorce

Loss of interest in sex driving 50-plus to divorce

Figures show that 28 percent said they divorced because their partner was emotionally cold and distant, while a quarter cited a loss of interest in sex.The research also found that 27 percent said they were no longer committed to their marriage.

The main reason for men ending their marriage - cited in a third of cases - was a lack of interest in sex, while most women said their husband was emotionally cold, reports the Daily Mail.

Nagging also scored high, featuring in 14 percent of answers given by 1,900 divorcees aged 50 and over. In 10 percent of cases, couples said they had simply run out of things to talk about.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed that divorce among the over-50s peaked in 2004 at around 25,000-a-year before a slight fall to the current annual rate of 22,000.

Known as the 'Saga divorce', experts believe many couples who have stayed together for the sake of their children reassess their futures when their offspring fly the nest.

The survey found that money was also one of the reasons given in over-50s divorce cases.
Work also caused problems, with eight percent blaming a job that made life difficult and five percent unhappy that their partner flirted with friends or colleagues.The survey was carried out by Saga, which specialises in products for the over-50s.