'Suicide' victim's kin allege murder

'Suicide' victim's kin allege murder

While the case appeared to be simple, Kumar (30) hanged himself in the morning after his illegitimate relationship with Nirasha (17) was unveiled, the drama, however was not.

While they had to bear with the tears of Nirasha’s family in the first half of the evening, the second half, after the ‘official inquiry’ saw them face the angst of Kumar’s family.

Not convinvced that their brother could commit suicide, Kumar’s brother’s alleged that he was beaten up and hanged forcibly. “He was taken to her (Nirasha) house last night and retained there till the time he killed himself,” one of his brothers said.

Amas, one of Kumar’s eight elder brothers, told Deccan Herald that his older brother’s (Muthu) factory where Kumar worked was attacked by about 18 unidentified men in the morning.

While alleging that these were men sent by Nirasha, the girl who had illegitimate relationship with his brother, he said Muthu was also beaten up by these men.

Taking their allegation forward, the brothers insisted that the DJ Halli police lodge a complaint against the girl and her “associates”, but in vain as they were directed to HBR Layout as the factory falls in that jurisdiction. The angry brothers then inisted that the girl be sent along with them to identify the men she had allegedly sent to harm their brother and damage the factory. Concerned about the girl’s safety, the police negotiated with the family and retained the girl in the station along with her stepmother.

According to Kumar’s family, a complaint will be lodged with the HBR Layout police to take the matter forward.