Indian docs use new technique for coronary disease treatment

Indian docs use new technique for coronary disease treatment

"Trials were conducted with the new technique on around 240 patients across the country since 2007, and with the recent approval from the Drug Controller General of India, we have used the technique on 160 patients," Dr A B Mehta, Director, Department of Cardiology, Jaslok Hospital told reporters here today.

The trials were conducted in Jaslok, Nanavati and Escorts hospitals besides All India Institute of Medical Sciences, CMC Vellore, Madras Medical College, he said.|

Explaining the technique, Mehta said, "In drug-eluting device angioplasty, a balloon like device coated with drug developed with matrix technology (a combination of Lopromide and Paclitaxel) is kept inflated at the fatty deposits in the artery for up to 45 seconds. In this time, like an osmosis effect, the drug is absorbed by fatty deposits."

This treatment (currently costing around Rs 99,700) is particularly preferred in patients of restenosis while placing a second stent at the same block and in cases where stent placement is difficult, he said.

The drug eluting device, approved by European Society of Cardiology and National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (London) is also found to be safer than stents in long run as there is lower incidence of blood clotting in arteries, Mehta added.