Jet plane hits another, three staffers grounded

Jet plane hits another, three staffers grounded

Jet plane hits another, three staffers grounded

There were no casualties in the incident, which took place at 2:05 am. The Directorate General for Civil Aviation has initiated an inquiry into it.

The Jet Airways flight 9W 540 from Mumbai to Muscat was at bay 85 and the Kingfisher Airlines aircraft was parked in the adjacent bay 84.

The Jet Airways aircraft was pushing back to move towards the runway for takeoff, when its wing tip brushed against the tail fin of the Kingfisher Airlines aircraft, airport sources said.
“The pilot of Jet Airways flight 9W 540 reported that while pushing back from bay 85, the aircraft tip brushed against the tail fin of an adjacent Kingfisher Airlines aircraft on bay 84,” sources added.

The Jet Airways aircraft was immediately grounded and the passengers were asked to deplane.

“The authorities took a serious view of the collision and grounded both the aircraft.... The matter is being thoroughly investigated,” airport officials said.


All the passengers of the Jet Airways flight were later flown to their destinations by another aircraft. The extent of damage to both the aircraft was being ascertained.
A Jet spokesperson termed it a ground incident and said the left wing of the Boeing 737 aircraft hit the stabiliser of the Kingfisher aircraft during the push-back.

Air India plane stuck on runway

An Air India aircraft arriving from London got stuck off the runway shortly before Friday midnight, airport officials said on Saturday, report agencies from Mumbai.

Shortly after vacating the main runway, the flight, AI-130, got stuck while taxiing to the bay, affecting movement of other aircraft in the vicinity.

The captain of the plane reported smoke emanating from the landing gear of the aircraft and failure in the landing apparatus.

Airport emergency services were immediately pressed into service and they sprayed foam on the right-side landing gear.   

During the operation, the taxiway was blocked for over 55 minutes, which was finally cleared around 12.15 am on Saturday.

During the intervening period, the Mumbai Air Traffic Control changed the runway operations to facilitate the emergency operations on the AI aircraft.