Indian dentist barred from practice for seducing woman: Report

Indian dentist barred from practice for seducing woman: Report

Dentist Milan Shah has been struck off the rolls by the General Dental Council after Chammelle Courtney, a mother of five, claimed that he had tried to seduce her in return for discounted treatment after her husband was hospitalised with brain damage, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

However, Shah has got 28 days to appeal.In fact, after falsely telling 37-year-old Courtney that she had to pay for two root-canal operations privately, Dr Shah offered to reduce the price if she would "spend some time with him," the report said.

Bombarding her with calls the doctor allegedly told her: "You are not getting any loving from your husband and I am not from my wife. May be we can help each other out," the report said.

Though no police complaint has been filed in this regard as the telephone conversations were inadmissible in a criminal court, they were accepted by General Dental Council -- and after a hearing last month, the dentist was struck off.

Shah, who is married, had taken Courtney's phone number from records at Alexander House Dental Practice, in St Albans, and began calling her at weekends, the report said.
She decided to confront him at the surgery, but said: "When I arrived he kept coming closer and closer and told me he had an arranged marriage, that he and his wife led separate lives, and because of his religion he couldn't leave her.

"That got him on to the subject of 'helping each other out'. I told him I wasn't interested and that he and his wife should see a counsellor."