Number of organ donors in India "insignificant": Venupgopal

Number of organ donors in India "insignificant": Venupgopal

Venugopal, who performed the first heart transplant surgery in the country, was speaking after receiving 'Dhanvantari Award', set up by city-based Dhanvantari Medical Foundation, at a function here.

He said patients from all over the world were "thronging Indian hospitals" now, as "outstanding facilities" are available in the country.

But, when it come to heart transplants, Indian doctors face shortage of donors, he said.
Some 4,000 heart transplants take place in the world, but India is yet to catch up with the rest of the world, he said.

Over 1.6 lakh people die in road accidents, but "this pool of potential organ donors translates into insignificant number of organ donors," he said, adding socio-cultural beliefs, and ignorance and misconceptions about organ donations are responsible for this.

"Uniform legislation, central co-ordination of organ donation are need of the hour," he added.