Water lines tapped midway in HBR Layout

Water lines tapped midway in HBR Layout

Residents beyond 5th Cross do not get Cauvery water for the last 3 years

Water lines tapped midway in HBR Layout

Dangerous: High tension wire drawn across a huge storm water drain. DH PHOTO

The reason: They are not being supplied enough Cauvery water by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) since 2008, though they have been living in a BDA developed area for the past 10 years.

Wasim Ahmed, a resident of 8th cross said that Cauvery water is supplied till the 5th cross, but there is no water from the 6th cross. “BWSSB officials say that our houses are located in an elevated area and due to the altitude, there is no pressure in the water.  But all the crosses on the first main are located on the same ground level, I do not know what happens after the 5th cross,” he said.

When these residents complained about no water supply to the BWSSB official concerned, he has been dodging the complaints with vague excuses.  “We have complained so many times about shortage of water supply, but nothing has really helped. The officials simply tell us that they will send BWSSB water tankers instead of rectifying the problem,” said Sujatha, another resident

The residents from 6th to 9th cross actually spend over Rs 2,000-3,000 on water towards water tankers besides the meager supply they receive from BWSSB tankers. “The water being supplied from tankers are not of good quality.  We cannot even have our own borewell since the ground water is very salty,” said Joseph Sequira, another resident.  

Residents here complain that there are over 100 illegal connections near their area, where people have built houses under high tension wires and are drawing water meant for their area. When Deccan Herald visited the place, a water pipeline was found drawn across a big storm water drain (Rajakaluve) towards a locality built under the high tension wire. These houses have been provided with public taps on the road where Cauvery water is supplied regularly.

After protesting against the injustice, Minister Katta Subramanya Naidu including BWSSB Chief Engineer T Venkataraju assured the residents that they will be supplied water by Friday.

“The area has grown so much that there is not enough water to supply to that area. I will make sure the illegal connections are removed and water is supplied to these residents,” said Venkataraju.