Kidnapped businessman returns

Claims to have fooled abductors on his jewellery
Last Updated 25 October 2010, 19:09 IST

The JP Nagar police said Satish Chandra, residing at  ‘Kalpavruksha', No. 52, Dollar's Layout, II Main, 4th Phase JP Nagar told the police that he had returned home after his morning walk. When he was about to leave for yoga class,  a six-member gang barged in and pulled him into the house and within minutes, packed him into a SUV and whisked him away.

Satish, who is in his forties, said that the gang hit Hosur Road and put him in a lodge. The gang members, who were conversing in Marathi and Hindi, were forcing him to do money transaction. He managed to convince them that they would not get a penny from him and there was no point in wasting time and money, the told the police.

However, Satish informed the police that the gang members had received wrong information that he would be carrying heavy cash on Monday morning and that their calculations went wrong.

According to sources, the gang members had ordered him to pack up the valuables and cash and hand over them. When they were about to leave, Satish's wife Asha woke up. Sensing trouble, the gang member took Satish along with them and also carried two suitcases, filled with cash.

When police questioned him about carrying 'suitcases' with the kidnappers,  Satish told them: "I was holding a bag containing yoga mat, hand towel and other items and certainly not suitcase."

Valuables untouched

Satish, who is close to a Union Minister's family and a partner in the minister's son-in-law's business ventures, returned untouched and with his expensive gold bracelet, chain and rings intact.

On kidnappers not robbing him of his jewellery, Satish claimed that he had fooled them by telling that they were imitation jewellery.

The police are tightlipped about the kidnap drama. A police officer told Deccan Herald, "We will allow him to rest to night. Tomorrow, we will take him to the places (Krishnagiri) where he was holed up."

Satish, who was brought to the police station, was taken away to a different location through another door, thus giving slip to a battery of media persons waiting outside the police station.

On pestering, the cops doled out Satish's pictures and wrapped up saying: "he has returned safely and we need to interrogate him further.

Red Sand Boa rescued

The members of Global Animal Rescue, rescued a red sand boa from a residential area in Shivaji Nagar. The boa was later handed over to Assistant Conservator of Forests. Experts noted that snake must have been brought by the wildlife dealers to the city.

(Published 25 October 2010, 19:09 IST)

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