Beckham says he'll play out contract in LA

Beckham says he'll play out contract in LA

Beckham said in an interview with The Associated Press on yesterday that he doesn't know what will happen after his contract expires next year.

"I want to play as long as my legs can take me," he said. "I know it sounds a cliche, but I love playing football, I love playing the game, it's my passion. When I stop enjoying it then I'll know I need to stop."

Beckham has a five-year contract with Major League Soccer worth USD 32.5 million. He could buy out the final year and leave next month when the playoffs end.
"I'm definitely going to be here for the rest of my contract," he said. "My sons go to school here, we're all happy living here, so I can't see us moving."

The former England captain would hurry home, though, if England coach Fabio Capello called on him to play for his country again.Beckham is England's most experienced active player with 115 international appearances.

"I'd love to continue to play. Whether I do or not, that is obviously down to the manager and obviously down to myself to perform," he said.

Beckham won't go on loan to a European team like he did with AC Milan the last two years to keep fit during the MLS off-season, which could dash his hopes of playing for England again.

The Galaxy won't allow another loan after his Achilles' tendon injury kept him out of most of this season.

"I would love to say that I'd be able to, but with the injury that I've had you have to give it a certain amount of rest," Beckham said.

Capello has suggested he wants to rejuvenate the England team with younger players and will only consider Beckham for a farewell match in an exhibition. This month, he dismissed the suggestion that Beckham has played himself into contention.

Asked if Capello has fairly considered him, Beckham said, "He's a fair man. He gives everyone a chance." the 35-year-old said.

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