Living happily ever after

Living happily ever after

creative The fairy-tale characters come alive.

We have grown up listening to fairy tales, never questioning the peculiarities in them.
Hundreds of years after these tales were written, the characters came alive and questioned their authors on the some of the morbid and gruesome twists, like, putting the princess to sleep for a hundred years, or locking her up in the tower.

The audience, watching the play A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Andersen
presented by the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, were in splits at the hilarious take on fairy tales.

This fairy-tale-with-a-difference opened with a confrontation between Hans Andersen and the Grimm Brothers, and brings all their well-known characters to the stage in up-to-date, humourous situation. The story revolved around the  Grimm Brothers accusing Hans Christian Andersen of ‘retelling' their stories. Wilhelm accuses Hans of stealing their storyline and demands that he stops writing.

Amidst the hilarious interlude, where the two storytelling legends fight over copyright issues and plagiarism, the who's who of the fairy tale world take on the stage, and complain about being very unhappy with their stories, and how even though the story has a happy ending, the characters aren’t happy.

 A competition ensues, with characters from Andersen and Grimm stories taking the stage - often in unexpected ways.
One of the highlights of the show was the dance performed by a troupe of dancers, who were professionally choreographed
especially for the show. The music of the play was as
captivating as the story itself, and not a minute passed by without the audience,
ranging from kids to youth and even adults, being
Said Dr Zulfiya, the director of the play, “The kids practised for just 5 weeks, and it’s amazing how quickly they have learnt. We had total of 33 kids as a part of the cast, between the age group four and 20, even the backstage and running of the play was completely managed by the kids of the school.”
When the play ended and the audience gave a thunderous standing ovation for yet another happy ending!

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