20 million Britons don't speak to family members after quarrel

Experts said mothers are the relatives we are most likely to fall out with. Two out of five adults admitted they are currently feuding with a family member, Daily Express reported Monday citing a study.

The arguments are most likely to be over lending money, favouritism and disliking a relative's partner.

While most rows are resolved within a year, one in five has gone more than three years without talking to a loved one - and one in 10 has refused to speak for more than 20 years.

The study also revealed that a third of Britons would call their families "dysfunctional".

Eight out of 10 people surveyed said it was women who were responsible for starting any trouble.

A third had gone for periods of time not talking to their mothers. Fathers were in second place when it comes to the relatives we are most likely to fall out with, followed by sisters.

Many feuds never get resolved, with one fifth of people admitting that a family member had gone to the grave without making peace.

The figures emerged in a survey of 3,000 adults by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to celebrate the launch of Family Guy Season 9.

A spokesman for Fox said: "Although mums were the family members we were most likely to fall out with, the study showed that women were much more likely to recognise if their family behaved dysfunctionally and if there were problems in the family."

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