Bolmane lacks basic facilities

The village is situated 55 km away from Kundapura taluk headquarters and there are over 50 houses in the village.

Bolmane is considered as the Naxal infested area and no development works have been undertaken so far, say the villagers.

The road connecting Jaddinagadde-Bolmane is in dilapidated condition inspite of undertaking asphaltation last year. The traditional dwellers of Galipalu, Hathrapalu, Kerimakki, in Bolmane have to depend on Amasebailu for any work, which is situated 15 kms away.

The residents of Bolmane have to depend on one bus in the morning to reach Amasebailu. They are forced to carry the essential commodities over their head owing to the non availability of transportation system.

Villagers say “neither the elected representatives nor officials have visited the village. They come to Jaddinagadde and return.

However, during election, representatives of all the political parties visit the village.”
Owing to the efforts of MLA Haladi Srinivas Shetty, several electric poles were laid in the village under Hamlet scheme. Unfortunately, as the residents were poor and could not pay Rs 10,000 for every connection, many houses continue to remain in darkness, says Uppinamakki Basava Naik.

To solve the drinking water problem in Bolmane, the    forest department constructed a bund across a stream to supply water to Bolmane school and nine houses.

Wild animals menace

As the village is situated on the foothills of Western Ghat, the farmers are worried over wild animals menace. Moreover, failure to get title deed is another major problem in the village.

The villagers have already spent Rs 2000 for getting title deed. Without title deed, the villagers do not get compensation for the loss of crops due to wild animals attack.

The villagers of Bolmane and Jaddinagadde have been demanding a connecting road via Hathrapalu, Edamale to Hebri.

However, as the road has to pass through the reserve forest, the development of road has still remained a dream.

The government must implement development works under Naxal package and try to solve the probelms, says Grama Aranya Samithi President Bolmane Kushala Tholar.

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