'Identify inclination towards art at early age'

Two-day district-level Kala Pratibhotsava inaugurated in city

He was speaking at the inauguration of the district-level Kala Pratibhotsava organised by the Department of Kannada and Culture at Kalamandir here on Tuesday.

Observing the presence of better models to identify talent in foreign countries, Dr Dore said that talent is identified at very young age and supported. However, he bemoaned that such models failed to exist in the country.

He commended the initiative of organising Kala Pratibhotsava as it would be a forum for children to exhibit their talent.

Commenting on the younger generation’s fascination with the Western culture, he said Western music and dance offer a myriad variety.

Michael Jackson’s dance appeals to anybody. But we are not retaining the quality that it offers.

He advised children to follow our culture as even our own Bharatanatyam is as appealing as Jackon’s dance.

Dr Dore said that people should not complain that television channels are commercialising art.

If art becomes free, then it will be difficult for artistes to lead a life. Instead, art should also assist artistes in leading their lives.

He remarked that society should also understand the need for commercialisation. Earlier, Deputy Director, Information Department, A R Prakash inaugurated the programme.

Assistant Director, Department of Kannada and Culture, K N Annegowda was present.

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