Obama brings Sonia, Advani together

Friendly foes

According to sources, Obama unwittingly brought 10 Janpath “closer” to senior BJP leader L K Advani on Tuesday after the address of the US President to the joint session of Parliament.

When Obama left Parliament on Monday, some of the exit gates were shut. This led Advani and Congress President Sonia Gandhi and party general secretary  Rahul Gandhi stand at the same place in the Parliament corridors.  As the two leaders were waiting for their cars at a gate, Advani, whose office is nearby, invited them for a cup of tea.

The two leaders readily agreed and as they were having tea, the Gandhis came to know that it was the birthday of the BJP leader. Soon followed the greetings.  While Sonia had already wished the senior leader a very happy birthday a day before , Rahul visited Advani in his Parliament office on Tuesday  to convey the greetings.

“Sonia Gandhi called Advani today (Tuesday) and expressed her inability to attend the celebrations but added that Rahul might come.

“Rahul then called Advani and said though he would not attend the function, he would like to greet him in person in the Parliament office,” according to Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj.

Rahul told Advani that on Monday he had come to have tea at the invitation of the senior BJP leader but today he was here to greet him on his birthday.  There is no direct linkage but once Advani did say in the Lok Sabha  that a day will come when the Congress will support BJP.

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