Take care of your voice


Take care of your voice

Are you a singer? A music teacher? A lawyer? Or maybe, you are someone who has to constantly speak out and deliver oral presentations. Well, if you are a professional voice user and keen on knowing more about voice and voice care, then check out this four-month Professional Voice Care programme offered by Sri Ramachandra University (SRU) in Chennai.

SRU’s Department of Speech, Language and Hearing conducts this four-month course. The course would teach a professional voice user the basic structure of the vocal chords and its functioning, besides of course, voice care fundamentals to both preserve and nurture the vocal chords of professional voice users. This programme is supported by the expertise of ENT surgeons and speech language therapists of SRU’s Department of Speech, Language and Hearing. With faculty provided by SRU, this certificate course is also conducted for the students of the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras and is part of the University Industry Community Inter-action Centre programme.
 Earlier, in 2009, SRU had conducted a one-year study which brought to light that an amazing 46 per cent of professional voice users have some problem with their vocal chords. The fact is, unlike in the west, though music and voice use is a widely prevalent activity at professional and amateur levels in our country, voice culture and care is not taken up or imparted on a professional level.

According to Mr Prakash Boominathan, associate professor in the department, “When the science behind voice use is understood, these professionals will be able to evolve their vocal presentations better.”

Voice users who take up the course stand to get an analysis of their vocal chords, and an awareness about the occupational hazards of people who constantly use their vocal chords, such as development of nodules in the vocal chords, something which can be ascertained by a stroboscope test. Students will also be taught exercises to preserve the vocal chords. In fact, SRU has come out with a DVD on vocal chord exercises.

And of course, with good dietary and sleep habits bearing a crucial effect on voice health, the course would be covering these aspects as well. Students will also be taught to find out their personal comfort zone in voice usage. The programme will also focus on breathing exercises to reduce stress.

International liaison

Recently, SRU signed a clinical contract with the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, which allows interaction between students from the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto with SRU’s Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

For further details, write to Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai - 600 116; Ph: 2476 5512 (ext. 320), 044-24765611 (ext. 211); or log on to www.sriramachandra.edu.in

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