Swinging to some rhythmic tunes

Rich timbre

Swinging to some rhythmic tunes

 Melodious: Paula Santoro and a band member. Paula Santoro was accompanied by Rafael Vernet on the keyboard, Guto Wirtti on the bass guitar and Alex Buck on the drums.  Together they churned out some foot-tapping numbers that had the audience on their feet, swaying to the rhythmic numbers.

Paula Santoro began the concert with a heartening Namastey and had the audience teaching her certain essentials of the Kannada language as she attempted a Dhanyavadagalu after the applause.

One of her most popular numbers was Na Baixa Do Sapateiro by Arieb Ari Barroso, which had the audience participating in the soulful rendition. It speaks of an encounter with a handsome young man and her disappointment as to how it leads to nothing romantic. The ending of the song was a silent prayer to God hoping that He will give her an opportunity to meet him again. Eric Sojocio, the first secretary culture, Embassy of Brazil in India, who was present at the event said, “Na Baixa Do Sapateiro is one of my favourite songs and it is amazing to see them perform it in Bangalore.”

Their songs included a Samba number called Perfume, a Bossa Nova number called Insensatez which is like a slow Samba; and a ballet called Leo. Their technique included picking two songs of diverse themes and merging them to a common ending.  Joawa a song about the desire of a girl to be a woman was clubbed with the song Yemawja about the goddess of sea to indicate in the end that a girl becomes as powerful as the goddess after the transition.

Paula and Rafael stole the show entirely with their camaraderie and dynamism on stage. Her powerful vocals beautifully complemented the intricacies of the music Rafeal created with his keyboard. Rafael was also the assembler and weaved complex patterns with an ease that left the audience awestruck. “My favourite song would be Nau E Ceu which means there is no sky .

It is a very modern song and I love the reaction of the crowd, as there is so much energy in it,” he added.

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