'Acting is all about reacting'


'Acting is all about reacting'

Glamourous: Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani is not just another glam doll. Her daring stunts in Khatron Ke Khiladi had put even seasoned stuntmen to shame.

And Anjana says she can’t get enough of it. “Fear Factor has made me a stronger person mentally and physically. I would love to sign up for another adventure on the same lines. And yes, I did work out a lot to tone up my muscles for the stunts. It’s a dedicated task in itself,” Anjana told Metrolife.

Anjana will soon be seen in Allah Ke Bande where she plays an ordinary girl who manages to turn a bad guy into a good one. “

It’s very hard to convince men and get them to listen to you. It was not an easy task,” she says. The film traces the life of three young juveniles turned criminals who can’t shrug off a traumatic childhood. Anjana says she thoroughly enjoyed working in this film.

“It’s quite unlike the usual masala mix. Every character in the movie has a significant role. Children are vulnerable and illiteracy only adds to their trauma. Children need the right guidance,” says Anjana.

In addition to signing movies, Anjana is also touring the world performing live and endorsing brands. “Yes, live shows and brand endorsements do increase visibility. There’s no harm in going beyond acting,” she asserts.

Does she plan to do something similar to the Seduction Show which she did in 2010 for the new year’s eve, “I have a couple of similar offers for the new year which I may consider taking up,” she says.

Aren’t there any offers coming her way after Maleyalli Jotheyali, her debut in

“There were plenty but I had to take my time to zero in on a script that interests me and of course, the role must be substantial,” she insists.

And Anjana has signed a Kannada movie which she says she can’t talk about right now. “It’s a nice role and I always make sure the director and the co-star is well-known. Acting is all about reacting,” she adds. 

But speaking in Kannada is still a problem for her.  “There’s been a long break for me in the Kannada film industry but I am good with languages and I am sure it won’t be long before I pick up Kannada,” she says. The shooting for her new Kannada film will begin in

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