Homely food beckons all


Homely food beckons all

POPULAR Eager customers waiting for their turn at the cafe.

Bharani Cafe, a small eatery in Gandhi Nagar, has created a niche for itself among the foodies living in and around the area. Catering the needs of hundreds of people everyday, the food joint is known for its authentic taste. None of the hotels in the area is as famous as Bharani Cafe.

“My father P Y Madhyasta started hotel ‘Ashwini’ in Jayanagar in 1970s. When I thought of having a hotel of my own, I started it under the name Bharani. Moreover, I wanted to add something new to the menu. I used to get timely suggestions from my mother and sister while preparing the dishes,” says Satya Murthy, the owner of the eatery.

Like at any other darshini, one can get South Indian breakfast items like dosa, idli, vada, chow chow bath, kharabath and avalakki here. But the specialities of Bharani Cafe are akki roti, ragi dose, kadubu and dum pulav which have authentic and homely taste.
Akki roti and ragi dosa are served with three varieties of chutneys and their taste makes you ask for more. “Even at home no one makes three chutneys with dosa or roti. The quality as well as quantity here is great. I have been coming to this place for the last 12 years. Though there are many posh hotels in and around, nowhere you will find such a crowd,” says Dr Satischandra, who has a clinic nearby.

Satya Murthy adds, “We prepare anna rasam during afternoons in authentic South Canara style. There are many takers for it. We have same people working with us since the time the hotel was started. There is a close bond between us and the customers.”

Started in 1990, this small eating joint has been a favourite of cine artistes visiting the area. “Actors like Dr Rajkumar, Prakash Raj, Vijay, Abhijit, Prem, music director V Manohar have relished the food here. Recently, director Suri visited the place,” says Satya Murthy proudly.

“People don’t mind waiting for sometime. We welcome their feedback and serve them accordingly. We assure our clients of hygienic preparations,” adds Manjunath, the cashier. 

Uday Kumar, a regular customer, says that he has been visiting the place since its inception. “I appreciate the owner for maintaining the same taste and authentic flavour. All the items are tasty as well as reasonable,” he opines.

The eatery opens at 6.30 am and closes at 8 pm.

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