Konkani mini-cultural world to unfold today

Gearing up: A view of the pandol being set up  for the World Konkani Cultural Convention at Kalaangann in Shakthinagar. DH Photo

Kalaangann in Shaktinagar is all set to accommodate a mammoth gathering from different parts of the world for the 25-days World Konkani Cultural Convention, which will commence on Thursday.

The convention will showcase the beauty and variety of Konkani culture to the world and attempt to enhance the self-esteem of people speaking the language. About 75 troupes from across the world with over 1,500 artistes will present folk, theatre, music and dance performances. This includes two troupes from Kuwait, two from Dubai and one from Israel.

As part of the convention about 20 cultural troupes from different parts of Karnataka will take part in the procession along with 15 to 20 tableaux.
As part of the convention, the organisers have placed ‘Gumatt,’ the traditional Konkani musical instrument at Lady Hill Circle and Nanthoor Circle. Over 150 Gumatt have been used for decorating the main venue.

Amusement and ‘Saanth’

A small amusement park with 15 rides has been set up along with different stalls of Konkani traditional items outside the venue.

An exhibition (saanth) will be inaugurated on Thursday displaying the traditional antiquities of Konkani culture.

Special days

The 25 day gala that will span from November 25 to December 19 will have each day dedicated for a particular region or cause. When December 2 is dedicated as Dakshina Kannada Day, December 3 is dedicated as Ancestor’s day, December 11 as Oman day and so on.

Vishwa Konani Ekta Divas

December 9 will be celebrated as Vishwa Konani Ekta Divas and President of India Pratibha Devisingh Patil will take part. About 25 Konkani organisations from USA, Canada, UK, Portugal, Pakistan, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other parts of country and state will be felicitated by the President.

Major attractions

The convention will have Cultural Fest (Sanskrutik Mell) from November 26 to December 18 from 5.30 to 9 pm. About 75 troupes from around the world will perform.

Film Fest (Pinturam Mell) will have 30 Konkani films screened for the audience. The Youth Festival (Yuva Mell) will have 20 youth teams participating. They include team from Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chikmagalur etc. The Yuva Mell will include contests in singing, dancing, acting, compeering to win the title ‘World’s Best Youth Team’ and Beauty contests like Miss and Mr Konkani World and Konkani Photogenic will take place.

Food fest (Khannam Mell) will have one traditional food speciality served everyday. More than 50 poets will be participating in the Poetry Fest (Kavya Mell).

Seminars and Contests           

Seminars will be organised on various cultural subjects like ‘Chitra Kala,’ ‘Voviyo Vers,’ ‘Konkani Poetry,’ ‘Manddo,’ ‘Konkani films,’ ‘Tiatr’ and ‘Gumttam.’

Traditional games and contests like tug of war, cookery competitions, ‘Lagori,’ ‘Moddall Vollcho,’ traditional costumes, drawing and ‘Vishwa Konkani Baall’ will be organised.

The 6th ‘Carvalho Gharanne-Thomas Stephen Konkani Kendr- Mandd Sobhann Kalaakar Puraskaar’ will be awarded to Sant Bhadragiri Achut Dasji on December 5. The 2nd Konkani Global Music Awards in six categories will be awarded on December 12. For all the audience who come before 5.30 pm will have a chance to win 153 CC Yamaha bike.

For more details visit: www.kalaangann.com.

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