Kudlu falls: Difficult to reach but it is worth it

Kudlu falls: Difficult to reach but it is worth it

Divine: A splendid view of Kudlu Theertha situated near Hebri in Udupi. DH Photo : Naina J A

Kudlu Theertha waterfall is situated about 42 kms away from Udupi, amidst deep jungles of Western Ghats, close to Hebri town. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls by any standards.

With a height of about 300 feet, it falls directly into a pond which is considered holy by local people, because, sages meditated here thousands of years ago. There is one more waterfall above Kudlu Theertha, called Manga theertha (monkey theertha), named so because, only monkey can reach it as the path is very steep inside the forest.

A visit to Kudlu Theertha will provide an opportunity to be with the nature. It could be the best place for the weekends.

Situated near the banks of river Sita, Kudlu falls is becoming more and more popular among students, trekkers hailing from Mangalore, Suratkal, Manipal and also far off places. Kudlu falls is a very beautiful spot amidst the forest and mountains of Kudlu.
Reaching Kudlu falls is not easy as one may have to walk their way through difficult terrain. It looks as if it is meant for the those who love trekking.

During rainy season, the river will be in spate; hence the ‘all-season’ track which crosses the river cannot be used. One has to go for 30 minutes of walk on hilly terrain and walking of 1.5 kms as the vehicle do not cross the stream at Kudlu gate.

However, the place is calm, serene and isolated.  After walking for nearly half an hour amidst the beauty of nature, one can encounter the waterfalls.

Even though the trekkers ‘enjoy’ the path which leads to the falls, tourist grumble on the deplorable condition of the road. There is a ‘delicate’ bridge on the right side to cross the river. After crossing that, one has to walk  inside the jungle. The bridge located here allows only two-wheelers to cross the river without any difficulties.

Water cascading between two huge mountains is a pleasure to watch. This soothing scene will surely take away tiredness of walking. Moreover, the water from the falls will also help one in refreshing.

However, one has to be prepared with food and water as no shops are available nearby. Shops can be found only at Hebri.

Be careful

As the waterfalls is situated amidst forest, there are lot of leeches waiting to suck blood. One needs to be prepared with salt or lime to ward the leeches off.

How to reach

Better to take your private vehicles as public transports do not enter deep forest and you have to walk 1.5 Kms extra into the forest.

Nearest bus station is Hebri. From there one can get bus to Nalikatte, which would drop you at Kudlu gate. Nearest railway station is Udupi, 32 kms from Hebri.