LEED-certified flooring option


IQ Natural is a new step in vinyl technology and Square Foot will exhibit a special range of the Tarkett vinyl flooring manufactured for floors and walls customised for the healthcare industry.

These products, used in heavy commercial industrial patterns are LEED certified, anti-bacterial, anti fungal, seamless, and chemically inert.


This product uses a new plasticizer based on renewable resources that increases its natural and renewable content to a high 75 per cent and VOC emission which is 40 times lower than existing European Standards.

IQ Natural can be used for any commercial application and is particularly used for the high-traffic and demanding worlds of healthcare, education, offices and retail. The key features of an IQ Natural vinyl flooring are:

* 100 per cent recyclable
* 75 per cent natural and renewable raw materials
* Use of a  new plasticizer based on renewable resources
* VOC emissions 40 times lower than European standards
* Best life cycle cost on the market
* 30 per cent reduction in cleaning and maintenance cost
* Less use of water, energy and detergent

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