Gowda family lands will be seized, thunders CM

In a show of aggro in front of his home crowd in Shikaripur, Yeddyurappa thundered: “If father and son fail to mend their ways, thousands of acre of land they own in and around Bangalore will be forfeited by the Government and distributed among the poor.”

Addressing BJP workers, he said he would wait for four days for the father and son to stop their attacks on him, and if they did not, the “illegal property worth Rs 10,000 crore” belong to the Gowda family would be forfeited.

A member of the audience rose to suggest that the property seized from the Gowda family be auctioned and the proceeds be used to waive farmers’ crop loans, leading to some confusion in the meeting. The Chief Minister resumed his speech after a brief interruption.

He reiterated that scams in which JD(S) and Congress leaders are involved will  be exposed with documents at the  session.  “In the forthcoming session, Opposition leaders will be allowed to speak for three days during which there will be no interruption from the Treasury benches,” he stated.

Yeddyurappa’s unrelenting fury against Gowda family spilled over when he even riled against voters of his constituency.

“I will not step in my life time into ZP and TP segments that fail to elect BJP candidates. The election is a prestigious issue even for the voters of Shikaripur constituency,” he declared.

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