Parties busy choosing candidates

Slowly, but surely, the election fever is tightening its grip on politicians all over the district.

The Congress has traditionally had a strong foot-hold in Chikkaballapur district.

Parties confident

The Congress has traditionally had a strong foot-hold in Chikkaballapur district.

Therefore, the other parties- BJP, JD(S) and CPI(M)- are trying their best to prove they are equally dominant in the region.

The JD(S) is hopeful of a close competition in certain constituencies of Gouribidanur taluk where it claims to be strong.

The BJP too is claiming to be dominant in certain areas of Gouribidanur taluk and is confident of winning in Chikkaballapur and Chintamani taluks.

The CPI(M) claims to be dominant in Bagepalli taluk. The party is confident of winning in Gouribidanur, Chintamani and Gudibande taluks.

The Congress, however, is unperturbed by the claims of opponents. As many as four legislators in the district are members of the Congress. Party leaders are therefore certain of victory in most of the constituencies in the region.

Hope and strategy

Meetings and discussions are conducted at taluk and hobli levels in the six taluks in Chikkaballapur district. Party office-bearers and members are a part of such set-ups is wont during every election.

New and hopeful candidates are also religiously attending such meetings. They make sure to bring their supporters along with them, in order to pressurise party leaders into giving them tickets for the polls.

There are more than five candidates applying for tickets in each constituency, putting forth a big challenge for the leaders.

Women’s issue

Selection of candidates has become a sensitive issue for parties since most constituencies in both zilla and taluk panchayats are reserved for women.

Party leaders, not wishing to lose chances of winning in any constituency, claim that youth, women, members of backward classes and minorities would be given equal opportunities to contest the elections.

The parties are therefore exercising caution while deciding the candidates. All issues related to the matter of selecting candidates are carefully scanned, discussed and debated upon so that the contestant selected would have no weak spot.

Too many and too few

Although in most constituencies, the parties are wondering how to deal with the large number of contestants who have submitted applications for tickets, in some, selecting the appropriate candidate has become a difficult matter for the leaders.

Some members have quit the party while some others are hesitant to get into the ring.

There are just a couple of days for nomination papers to be submitted, but the candidate lists are not yet ready.

The Congress, the BJP and the JD(S) have handed over the responsibility of choosing the candidates to the party high command or are waiting for party meetings where decisions would be taken.

Only the CPI(M) has decided on its candidates in four constituencies, and is ready to some extent.

Youth to be given priority

New and young contestants will get priority during the current panchayat elections. We shall try to ensure that social justice is delivered.

Candidates will be selected taking the opinions and advices of the workers in the constituencies as well as the public.

The final list of contestants, however, will be released by the party high-command.

Candidate list is ready

The final list of candidates for constituencies in four taluks of the district is ready. Two more lists will be released soon.

We are confident of victory for party candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Priority for women


Reservations have been made for women in most constituencies of both zilla and taluk panchayats. Therefore, we shall give greater priority for women contestants.
The list of candidates will be released only after the party meeting in Bangalore on Monday.

Appropriate candidates to be selected

As many as 14 contestants have submitted applications for Manchanabale constituency.

The number of contestants is high in other constituencies too. Selection will be made only after proper discussions and debates over the matter.

The right to select the candidates has been given to the district heads of the party.

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