BBMP ex-chief counters GKVK ex-VCs

“Any road widening project is taken up with concern for the commuters. Even this road construction was approved with that in mind. I had no vested interest in it,” Subramanya said.

The former Palike Commissioner stated that the road could have made the lives of motorists easier as it would have connected the two major roads of Yelahanka and Yeshwanthpur. It could have helped in reducing the travel distance of 16 kilometres between the two major roads to just seven kilometres, he added. “I believe that the former GKVK VCs have no regard to the Karnataka Town and Country Planning (KTCP) Act which is required for the City’s progress,” he said.

As per the CDP

Subramanya, who was implicated by the Standing Committee for pushing the project, stated that the road which has been built on 24 acres of the GKVK land has been planned as per the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) 2015.

“The road was needed as per the CDP provisions. It was supposed to be undertaken right in the middle of the campus, but on discussions with the then VC and the committee which was formed to look into the project, it was shifted to the marginal campus land of 24 acres,” Subramanya said. However, he stated that any further changes to the alignment was unknown to him. 

He recounted instances where the GKVK authorities had shown no concern for the bio-diversity when land was thrown away for various projects. “I am deeply disappointed. While there has been no hue and cry over the loss of bio-diversity during the commissioning of other projects within the campus, the road has been targeted as being the odd one out,” he lamented.

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