Tress to impress

Tress to impress


Tress to impress

 CUT APART Girls love to experiment with their hair.Trendy clothes, stylish slippers and of course, new hairstyles, all form a part of this process. Youngsters, especially during their teen years, try to get the best and most popular hairstyles to suit them. These hairstyle trends keep on changing accordingly.

Boys always prove to be a pioneer of trends. Most of them prefer to keep their hair short and sport styles that are easy to maintain. Ashish, a student, says he loves changing his hairstyle often. “I get bored of same hairstyle. Therefore I keep on changing my style. Earlier, I had long hair but after watching Ghajini, I cut it short. As I am a sportsperson, it is easy for me to maintain short hair,” he says.

Pramod, a commerce student, is fond of spikes. “They are in vogue now and many of my friends have this style. The best part about spikes is that they good on almost all types of face cuts,” he includes.

Even the girls have a variety of styles to choose from. From short hair that brings out their face cut to shoulder-length hair that is curled at the end, a lot of options are available for them for every occasion. “Most of the time, I stick to one hairstyle. But if I have to attend any important function or party, I go for a change. Layer cut and feather cut are in vogue now and they look good on people with straight hair,” informs Janet, a professional. But there are some girls who are hesitant to experiment with their hair.

Shruthi, a BCA student, doesn't want to change her hairstyle. “I’ve always had a step cut and have never dared to change it. I am happy with this hairstyle as it suits my face cut and offers various options. I can let my hair loose or pull it into a ponytail. It looks great when I tie it with a banana clip,” she beams.

Chandana, a degree student, too is of the same opinion. “I am comfortable with my hairstyle and have never bothered to change it. As my hair is a little curly, step cut is a better option. Moreover, I take extra care of my hair and am scared to change my hairstyle often as it may damage my hair. That’s why I never try streaking or colouring it,” she adds.