Walk elegantly in stilettos

Walk elegantly in stilettos

High Heels

Walk elegantly in stilettos

 STRIKING Miley CyrusHigh-heeled shoes can be of varied types depending on the height and width of the heel. While a stiletto heel is long and thin, platform shoes have thick soles and flat and even heels. Not to mention the bizarre heels, spectacularly tall heels, worn by stars like Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell.

The girls in the City too like to sport an array of heeled shoes. Metrolife speaks to them to find out what’s in fashion.

Swati Ramnath, a content writer, has many high-heeled shoes in black. “The black shoes go well with anything,” she explains. “Heels give you a formal look and also make you look classy. You get really nice pairs on Commercial Street and the popular malls of the City.” She adds, “And since I am quite particular about my comfort, I don’t wear extremely thin heels like pencil heels. I feel they cannot be used as a daily wear.”

Sahar, a second PUC student of Jyoti Nivas College, calls herself a “shoes-freak” and has high-heeled shoes in almost all colours.

“They are perfect for weddings and parties. However, I wouldn’t advise them for college as they can be a bit uncomfortable for day-long wear,” she says.

STYLISH Swati Ramnath Sahar owns a pair in each colour — red, green, cream and golden. “I have lots of black as well,” she says. She has many stone-studded heels as well. “They go very well for Indian weddings,” she reasons.   Sahar feels one has to be extremely careful while buying a pair of high-heeled shoes. “Just remember, comfort is everything. So don’t go for a pair that just looks beautiful. Try it on, walk in it for a few minutes and then decide whether you want to buy it,” she says. 

Bangalore-based designer Deepika Govind vouches for stilettos. “They make your legs look long and lean. They give a great angle to your ankle thereby making your calf muscles look awesome,” she says. According to her, platforms are a big no-no. “They may be in fashion, but to be honest, they make you look like you are standing on an elevated platform,” she laughs.

Deepika’s advise is to opt for medium heels. “Don’t go for over-the-top heels as they make you look abnormally tall and fake. Besides, they are uncomfortable. Team up a summer dress with a simple strapped stiletto and you will look gorgeous,” she exclaims. “Buying a good quality pair is extremely important too. After all, bad shoes can spoil your ankle and hip bones,” she  sums up.