Rahul unaware of Indian history: RSS

"The remarks of the Congress general secretary prove that he is totally unaware of the history of Hindutva as well as the concept of nationalism," Sangh mouthpiece 'Panchjanya' said in its editorial titled 'Think before you speak Rahul'.

"Will the Congress, which considers Rahul Gandhi as its future and the future Prime Minister, be able to protect its very base by relying on his ignorance. The electorate of Bihar has already given its reply," it said.

Such statements would not only weaken the nation's fight against "jehadi terrorism" but also encourage it.

"Some of the documents released by Wikileaks exposed the Congress policy of Muslim appeasement. But everyone is shocked at the anti-Hindutva mentality of Rahul," the editorial said, adding that earlier also, Rahul had compared SIMI with RSS.

The weekly claimed though such statements though are a result of "half-baked" knowledge, they are part of a pre-planned move.

"There is a need for the country to remain vigilant against the anti-national thinking of Congress," it said.

According to Wikileaks, at a luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his residence in July 2009 Rahul had told US Ambassador Timothy Roemer that growth of radicalised Hindu groups was a bigger threat than LeT.

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