Spreading the season's cheer

Spreading the season's cheer


Spreading the season's cheer

The birth of Jesus Christ celebrated as the festival of Christmas, is possibly the biggest festival in the Western world where the majority of the population is Christian. But in India, which has diverse religions as well as traditions, Christmas is one of  the many festivals celebrated through the year. People, cutting across faith, celebrate all festivals with a lot of joy. Metrolife spoke to some non-Christians to find out how they plan to spend the day and also what significance does the festival hold in their lives.

“For me, Christmas is just another festival we celebrate with friends. We plan secret Santa game where we secretly buy a gift for one of our friends,” says Krushangi Patel, a student. “I also go out with friends to the church, malls, dine at the best restaurant, wear a Santa cap and click pictures with Santa Claus. Basically, it’s a good holiday which I celebrate with friends,” she adds.

Plum cake and Santa Claus define the festival for many others as well. “Not being a Christian, I don’t really celebrate the festival like Christians do but I make sure that there is a plum cake at home and I go out with friends. Earlier, when I was young, I used to decorate a Christmas tree at home but I don’t get to do that now. I have Christian friends who get a cake for us and we hang out. Basically, it is a fun day for me,” says Namrata Jagtap, a medical student.

Many like to go to the Christmas parties organised all over the City. “It hardly matters which religion you belong to there. It’s all about having a good time, which is the case with every festival I think,” says Gaurav, an IT professional.

But there are some for whom the festival doesn’t hold much significance. “Usually, people, irrespective of their religion, know about Christmas and the stories behind it, thanks to mediums like television and books. English channels telecast Christmas special movies during December. But mostly people celebrate the festival if they have some Christian friends or people in the neighbourhood,” says Abhinav, a market analyst.

But at the end of the day, it is all about making the most of the moment. “Every festival for me is a time to enjoy with family and friends. While you may not understand the religious sentiment behind it, celebrating it is always fun,” says Jomon, another marketing professional.